A web of deceit and lies caused pain and death.

When a beautiful, intelligent, young woman pitted her three fiancés against each other, someone would die.

Alaska has always attracted adventurers. Whether for a love of the great outdoors or an imagined opportunity to get rich, young people from around the globe flock to the state each year. Substantial economic booms have defined Alaska over the years, including the gold rush during the early 1900s and the building and early operation of the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline in the 1970s. Commercial fishing heydays have also occurred when prices have skyrocketed for seafood such as Pacific salmon, herring, and of course, king…

Was a serial killer shooting hikers near Anchorage, Alaska?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Most people understand they face the risk of encountering wild animals when they enter the woods in Alaska, but they do not expect someone to shoot them. When a series of murders occurred in parks and on trails near Anchorage in the summer of 2016, residents demanded more information from the police. Were the murders related to each other, was a serial killer stalking the city, was it safe to go hiking after dark, and what were the police doing to solve these murders? Police remained tight-lipped, and tensions rose.

Alaskans love the outdoors. They were either born in Alaska…

“I thought I’d be happy, happy, happy, but marriage is hard!”

Sitka, Alaska

Some married couples thrive on discord. These are the people we avoid joining for dinner and the ones in whose presence we squirm as they argue, yell, and threaten. We wonder why they got married, and if they divorce, we’re certain no one else would want either one of them. Still, some couples not only manage to survive their contentious relationships but enjoy sparring with their partners. Marriage is hard, but most of us try, at least for a while, to make a relationship work, and if it doesn’t work, we leave and go our separate ways. Jane and Scott…

The disappearance of Bethany Correira

When Bethany Correira disappeared, the residents of her hometown of Talkeetna, Alaska immediately responded to search for one of their own.

Alaska is big. From the end of the Aleutian Island Chain to the southeastern panhandle, Alaska spans a distance as wide as the Continental United States, and Alaska is twice the size of Texas in area. Despite its geographical size, though, only 750,000 people live in the state. Half of the population resides in Anchorage, and a large percentage of the remainder live in Fairbanks and Juneau. …

The 2014 ambush of two Alaska State Troopers

You might be familiar with the recent National Geographic documentary series, Alaska State Troopers. The show followed several troopers from different areas of the state as they made their daily rounds. Two of the officers featured on the show were Sergeant Patrick “Scott” Johnson and Gabriel “Gabe” Rich. Both men worked out of the Alaska State Troopers’ Fairbanks Rural Service Unit. A camera crew was not with the men on the fateful day of May 1, 2014.

Other than federal officers, the Alaska State Troopers are the most geographically extended group of peace officers in the country, and they have…

Is it real?

Photo from Pixabay

First named in 1972, the Alaska Triangle stretches from Anchorage in southcentral Alaska to Juneau in the southeast panhandle to Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow) on Alaska’s northern coast. Since 1988, more than 16,000 people have vanished from this area, and every year, approximately four people go missing per every 1000 Alaska residents. This rate is twice the national average.

I was surprised when I learned how many people disappear in Alaska, but I don’t need an underground pyramid or mysterious magnetic vortices to explain the statistics. I also don’t understand the need for a triangle since people disappear throughout the state…

His life seemed perfect, but then the cracks in his façade began to show.

Most of us like to believe we can trust the police, but not everyone goes into law enforcement for the greater good. Some enter the police academy because they crave power over others and what better job than policing offers this power? I believe most police officers are good, and a few are bullies. John Patrick Addis, though, was the worst kind of police officer. He was a monster with a badge.

The disappearance of Ian Mackintosh

Ian Mackintosh

A plane disappeared near Kodiak Island on the evening of July 7th, 1979. Did it crash, or did the passengers fake the wreck so they could escape? Ian Mackintosh, one of the passengers, was a former British Royal Navy officer and probably an ex-spy for Britain during the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

In the 1970s, Mackintosh wrote a British TV series about life aboard a fictional frigate, the HMS Hero. The series, developed with the blessing of the Royal Navy, became extremely popular in England. In the late 1970s, Mackintosh wrote The Sandbaggers, a T.V. drama the New…

Most teenagers fight with their parents, and during a heated argument, some kids might even scream, “I hate you” at their mother or father, but such disagreements signal normal growing pains. Few teens order a hit on a parent, simply because the child feels the parent is too strict.

Matricide, the killing of one’s mother, is uncommon, and matricide by a girl under the age of 18 is extremely rare. Of the few cases in recent history where a girl under the age of 18 killed her mother, the offender either had been abused by her mother, or the killer…

Who brutally assaulted and killed Nancy Newman and her two daughters?

Anchorage, Alaska

The 1987 brutal murders of a mother and her two daughters in Anchorage, Alaska, terrified residents, and they wondered who could commit such a barbaric act, and would he strike again?

People move to Alaska for a variety of reasons, including adventure, the chance to make good money, a desire to live in the wilderness, and a chance to escape the problems in their lives. Alaska is not a good refuge for people with serious issues, though. Harsh weather and endless winter nights lead to depression. If a person has psychological problems to begin with, they are likely to get…

Robin Barefield

I am an Alaska wilderness mystery author and a podcaster: Murder and Mystery in the Last Frontier. https://murder-in-the-last-frontier.blubrry.net

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